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so bioware apparently wants the DA:I players to never see sunlight again

Soo much details
Too little time
Soo much details
Very short life…. damn i can’t wait any longer

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If youre a Cullenite or a self professed lover of Cullen, reblog this. I want to know where my soul sistas at for when Inquisition comes out.

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What if the Inquisitor’s hand was like a glow stick and they had to break their wrist to make it glow and that is why Inquisition takes so long.

you can tell this fandom is getting tired of waiting

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  • Anders: Where did you learn your magic? I mean, you know my feelings on the Circle, but usually it's the only decent training a mage can get.
  • Bethany: My father taught me. He was in the Circle once, trained there. But he got away.
  • Anders: You don't know how lucky you were, to have someone who loved you and could help you. Most mages would kill for that.
  • Bethany: You remind me of him.


Villains with tragic backstories:


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you’re gonna push your luck

tell me you’ve had enough

i’m taking off these gloves

get down and lick the dust