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Pansexuals aren’t greedy

Bisexuals aren’t confused

Asexuals aren’t broken

Aromantics aren’t heartless

Demisexuality isn’t fake

you don’t know what they’re going through. you don’t deserve to judge.

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  • Since I had some folks interested in my musings regarding Cullen in a romantic manner, I shall oblige! You didn't even need to twist my arm.
  • 1.) Cullen's hands are rough and calloused from years of wielding a sword and shield. He hands are large and his fingers are long-very suited to gripping a sword or cradling his lover's head gently.
  • 2.) Cullen is used to daily physical training. His muscles are toned and his body stays lean due to all the practicing he does with his recruits.
  • 3.) Cullen stands at least a head taller over the woman he loves. He always kisses her on the forehead or top of her head whenever she holds him close to her.
  • 4.) Though he may not smile often, the best smile is when Cullen is leaning over the War Room Table and sees the Inquisitor enter the room. He looks up at her with his head tilted down and gives her a smile that makes her weak in the knees.
  • 5.) Cullen's body is marked with scars. He is not a young soldier and each scar tells of a fight he survived and left another man dead. Most men brag about scars, but Cullen doesn't see them as a victory.
  • 6.) Cullen's kisses start out as a gentle brush of the lips. Always slow to build, as if he is fearful that she would not welcome his advances, he waits for her to part her lips. When this happens, he holds her tightly to him as he allows himself to finally admit that this woman in his arms wants him as much as he wants her.
  • 7.) Though this has yet to be seen, I personally see Cullen as a man who is more experienced in the bedroom. I think this since the Chantry does care if they are chaste. So, I think that our lion will prove very apt in his love interest duties and will surprise us all very VERY pleasantly...
  • I only did seven for my original post, so I will stop here. =)
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i love it how ME squadmates are very professional, come from military backgrounds or have some hella good training, and even if they dont like each other’s opinions its not something enough paragon/renegade points cant fix and are bros no matter what
and then you have the DA companions who are ready to kick each other in the face how are these people not in prison you dont even know and they give you -20 rivalry because you breathed wrong

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so bioware apparently wants the DA:I players to never see sunlight again

Soo much details
Too little time
Soo much details
Very short life…. damn i can’t wait any longer

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If youre a Cullenite or a self professed lover of Cullen, reblog this. I want to know where my soul sistas at for when Inquisition comes out.

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What if the Inquisitor’s hand was like a glow stick and they had to break their wrist to make it glow and that is why Inquisition takes so long.

you can tell this fandom is getting tired of waiting

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